IET 活动注册隐私声明

Privacy Notice for IET Event Registration

IET 活动注册隐私声明


This privacy notice (“Privacy Notice”) explains what IET Engineering and Technology Consultancy (Beijing) Company Limited (“we”, “us” or “IET”) will do with any Personal Information that you give to us, or any Personal Information that we may collect from or about you before, during and after organizing the event. Personal Information means various information, recorded in electronic or any other form, that is related to an identified or identifiable natural person, excluding any information that has been anonymized (“Personal Information”).



What Personal Information will we collect?



When you register to attend an event, we collect [your name, organization, nationality, address, telephone number, email address, IET membership number, Alipay or bank account information] to arrange payment or refund of registration fee and arrange attendance of the event.



We collect your paper to index.



We may receive your Personal Information from other third party sources, for instance, you register to an event via an IET co- sponsor or partner. They will share the data they collect with us for the purpose of coordinating the event and reviewing papers submitted. The third party will notify you that your Personal Information will be shared with IET and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (“IET UK”) and your Personal Information will be transmitted to IET UK. They will obtain your consent and supply copies to IET and IET UK and all parties will notify the other if they receive a rights request so that the request can be coordinated without delay.

我们可能会从其他第三方收到您的个人信息,例如您通过IET协办会议方或合作伙伴方注册参加活动。他们将与我们分享他们收集的数据,以协调活动并审查提交的论文。第三方将通知您,您的个人信息将与IETInstitution of Engineering and TechnologyIET UK”)共享,您的个人信息将被传输到IET UK。他们将征得您的同意,并向IETIET UK提供副本。如果任何一方收到权利请求,各方将通知其他方,以便立即对请求做出协调。


How will we use your Personal Information?



We will use your Personal Information for event organization and management purposes, such as to support you to participate in the event, make the event agendas, introduce and promote the event via event websites and event collaterals, have the necessary communication related to the event and process the conference paper (such as paper review and revision, author notification, registration reminder, make index etc.).



We will use your Personal Information for the daily business management and operation purposes, such as to send email related to the marketing communication, the events recommendation.



We need to use all or part of your Personal Information to enable ourselves to comply with legal obligations; to conduct its business operations; or where it is necessary to do so in the public interest.



How will we share and disclose your Personal Information?



We may share your Personal Information with the companies, organizations or individuals working for IET or on behalf of IET who have a need to know (including but not limited to IET’s employees, our event co-sponsors or partners, vendors or service providers) in order to support your participation in the event and the publication of the paper. We only permit the abovementioned companies, organizations and individuals to process your Personal Information for specified purposes and in accordance with our instructions.



Subject to the purposes as set forth in this Privacy Notice, we may share, to the extent of necessity, part or all of your Personal Information with IET UK with its address at Futures Place, Six Hills Way, Stevenage and SG1 2AY UK to [*support your participation in the event or publishment of the paper].

在遵循本隐私声明所述目的的情况下,我们可能将您的部分或全部个人信息在必要范围内提供IET UK(地址:Futures Place, Six Hills Way, Stevenage, SG1 2AY UK共享,[*以支持您参与活动或出版论文]


It is possible that we may need to disclose your Personal Information in response to a law enforcement or national security request or legal process such as a search warrant, subpoena, or court order or in connection with an investigation or prosecution of suspected or actual illegal activity.  Disclosures may also be made to comply with the law, protect our legal rights, or yours, or those of others’ including also property, or safety, to take precautions against liability, or during emergencies if physical safety is believed to be at risk., or if we, in good faith, believe that disclosure is otherwise necessary or advisable. These types of disclosures are unlikely, but they are possible and so we describe them here.



How will we provide or transfer your Personal Information?



We shall not provide or transfer your Personal Information to any company, organization or individual, except that:



  • We may provide your Personal Information to any company, organization or individual after obtaining your separate consent; and



  • In the event of a corporate merger, acquisition or other corporate transaction related to us and related to transferring Personal Information, we may request the new company, organization and individual holding your Personal Information to be subject to this Privacy Notice. Otherwise, we may request such company, organization and individual to regain your consent.



Exceptions of obtaining prior consent in processing your Personal Information



Please note that we may and are entitled to process your Personal Information without your prior consent, where this is required or permitted by the applicable laws and regulations (if necessary).



In some circumstances we will anonymize your Personal Information so that it can no longer be associated with you, in which case we will use such data without obtaining further consent from you.



International Transmission



While some steps of the event and paper publishment may be hosted by the entities outside the PRC, your Personal Information will be transmitted securely to United Kingdom and be processed by IET UK which is located outside the PRC. We ensure that where transmission of your Personal Information to/from IET UK takes place such transmissions are also appropriately protected and in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. For avoidance of doubt, IET UK is also subject to GDPR and 2018 Data Protection Act to receive and process your Personal Information. If you do not consent to such international transmission, then we cannot register you for an event or accept your paper. 

考虑到活动和论文发表的某些环节可能由国外的主体主办,您的个人信息可能被安全地传输到英国,由位于中国境外的IET UK进行处理。我们确保,在向IET UK传输您的个人信息或从IET UK传输您的个人信息,均受到适当的保护并遵守适用法律和行政法规为免疑义,在接收并处理您的个人信息时,IET UK 还将受制于GDPR和《2018数据保护法案》之约束如果您不同意该等跨境传输,则我们将无法为您注册参加活动或接受您的论文。


How will we store your Personal Information?



The Personal Information you provide to us may be stored securely pursuant to the applicable laws and regulations and will only be retained for as long as is required for the purposes for which it was collected, to support your participation in the event, resolve disputes, to publish the paper, pursue legitimate business purposes and comply with applicable laws. Your Personal Information will be destroyed in a secure manner after the above retention period.



[Notwithstanding anything to contrary contained in this Privacy Notice, your contact details for event and publishing purposes will be kept for 3 years. And your indexed paper will be kept as long as it is published.]



Your rights



You will have all legal rights regarding your Personal Information as provided by the applicable laws. Specifically, you have the right to:

  • request a copy of the Personal Information we hold about you
  • request that we rectify, correct or supplement inaccurate or incomplete Personal Information that we hold about you
  • restrict processing of your Personal Information
  • withdraw your consent to IET using your Personal Information
  • opt - out or object to receiving direct marketing communications
  • request that the Personal Information we hold about you is deleted


  • 要求获得我们持有的关于您的个人信息副本
  • 要求我们纠正、更正或补充我们持有的关于您的不准确或不完整的个人信息
  • 限制或拒绝处理您的个人信息
  • 撤回您对IET使用您个人信息的授权
  • 选择退或反对接收直接营销通信
  • 要求删除我们持有的关于您的个人信息


In each case your rights are exercisable against us, and you should direct your requests to [IET China Event]



If you have concerns relating to the processing of your Personal Information by us, you are encouraged to contact us at the contact above. If you have concerns relating to the processing of your Personal Information by IET UK, you are encouraged to contact IET UK data protection officer at We will respond to your comments or concerns as soon as possible following receipt of your inquiry.

如果您对我们的个人信息处理方式有疑虑,可以按照上文提及的联系方式提出请求。如果您IET UK个人信息处理方式有疑虑,您可以向IET UK数据保护官 - compliance@theiet.org提出请求。收到您的请求后,我们将尽快对您的疑虑作出回复。


If you remain dissatisfied after we have dealt with your enquiry, you have the right to make a complaint to the competent authorities, such as the Cyberspace Administration of China.



You will not have to pay a fee to access your Personal Information (or to exercise any of the other rights). However, we are allowed under the law to charge a reasonable fee if your request for access is clearly unfounded or excessive.



You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time and we will stop processing your Personal Information. Contact [IET China Event] to do this. For the avoidance of doubt, withdrawal of your consent would not affect the validity of the processing of your Personal Information that has been completed based on your consent.